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Procurement, not a cost centre anymore!

Does this mean savings, how?

Enhance Performance, Increase Savings

Procurement is a vital function in every Organization. There is always significant attention shown by the managements towards cost reductions, especially from Procurement. Bigger companies are providing very sharp focus for achieving savings in procurement of goods & services cost because they have realised those savings are directly coming to their bottom-line. 


Tutelam approach is unique and highly configurable to suit Organization needs. We Benchmark your existing procurement spend and operations against other industries and companies.


We assess your outsourcing requirements, identify and implement outsourcing from non-critical processes to critical processes; indirect goods & services to direct goods; from spend analysis to contract management and transactional procurement.

You can just ask your Procurement Leader what is his top challenge, invariably his answer would be that capitalizing the cost efficiencies. This is the case with several of business leaders across all industries today. This pressure started strangulating CPOs of Organizations from the day when global economic crisis were broken out.


Managements have become serious in each of their spend and stripping out costs. They expect more from Procurement function because major budget to the tune of 40-60% of their revenue is handled by them. Right from headcount reductions to sustainable cost reductions on their buying goods & services are the major metrics of the Procurement function.


Organizations have also realised a valid point that merely pushing the vendors to the corner to reduce their existing price during negotiation is not the only way to achieve their goals.


Procurement leaders are advised to look for various other avenues how to maximize their cost savings. In the process of scouting for value creation, Procurement outsourcing came into existence.

Tutelam, a technology enabled Procurement Outsourcing company facilitating Corporates in Operational Excellence leading to Cost savings. Tutelam, a complete Procurement, Supply Chain and Commercial service provider. Our focus is meeting the unique and ever-changing supply chain requirements of our clients on an ongoing basis and enhancing with innovative commercial models that eventually provide a cost advantage. Read more about our services...