For Buyers

For Sellers

Enables Substantial Saving

Leverage real time competition

Reduce administrative cost

Lower negotiation cycle time

Increase buying reach 

Improve new Opportunities

Reduces Sales Cycle Time

Improve Market Intelligence

Ensure Level Playing Field

Enables Market Transparency

RFX WFD (Work Flow Diagram)

List of Goods & Services can go for eAuction

Value Proposition for both Buyers & Sellers

Common Myths and Evolving Reality

  • Online reverse auctions: Friend or foe?
  • Are Reverse auctions only about the price?
  • If yes, is the savings sustainable?
  • Can I reveal my company‚Äôs data to a third party?
  • Will I be exposed before my management, I am incapable of price reduction all these days?
  • Will I become redundant if the tasks are outsourced to 3rd party?

Procurement Team Mind-voice

Management thought process




Packaging Materials

Marketing Services

Office Equipments

Real Estate Services

IT Hardware & Consumables

Telecom Equipements

Print & Stationeries

Furniture & Fixtures



Contigent Labours

Employee Benefits

Maintenance Services

Facility Management



Financial Servcies

eAuction (Online Auction)

Look at the Value Proposition to your Organization beyond worries