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Beware! Failure to pay as per contracts will cost you more unknowingly

It is seen in several cases that the amount of interest shown by customers in negotiating the Freights strongly is not there while making the payment as per the contractual terms. Why customers do not realize that this attitude of them is making them to pay more indirectly to the Transporters or Freight Forwarders. 


Many Transporters are reducing their Freight with a hope that the customers will pay on time but in reality it is not. The full load carriers will have to make almost 90% of the total fright upfront to transport owners for fuel without which industry cannot function.


With the remaining 10%, transporters are managing their show including their profits. If the payments are delayed beyond the contractual terms, the business model turns into completely uneconomical for them and they are compelled to jack up their Freight. 

Why you should pay the Freight bills on time? 

The practice of deliberately paying later than the contractual terms is unethical for sound economic reasons:

  • weakens your organisation because it harms your reputation
  • damages your TAT and strains your relations with Transporters
  • weakens the economy as a whole because it constricts growth

Late payment is often taken as an indication that the customer is in difficulties. By creating this impression with your Transporters, you may find that their terms worsen. From various studies, Tutelam understands the delay in making the Fright payments on time to transporters is mostly because of the cumbersome manual validation process being practised even today in most of the companies.

Enjoy the automated solution and ensure improved Financial compliance

Detect unnoticed excess freight payment to Transporters / Forwarders

Benefits of Freight Audit?

Increasing insider fraud is a growing risk to any Organization. Historically, the most serious threat from employee fraud has been centered on relatively senior employees who develop complacence over the years of stay


Keeping silence on the frauds will grow as organized crime

How do we do Freight Audit?

Freight Audit & Payment (FAP)

Do away with your existing backbreaking numerous manual bills validation

What is FAP?

An examination

  • of records or financial accounts to check their accuracy, no leakage of Freight payment
  • of performance of the transporters if aligned with Organizational goals in terms of timely delivery, no damage or pilferage
  • of the set processes (SOP) for Transportation is in order to curb Operational ambiguities