Let us start by giving you the insight of what spend analytics is, it is the practice of collecting, cleansing, classifying and analyzing expenditure data with the rationale of lessening procurement costs, civilizing efficiency, and monitoring compliance. There is no doubt, it can also leveraged in other areas of business such as inventory management, budgeting, planning and product development. Tutelam Spend Analytics Solution empower customer with spend visibility and controls. We at Tutelam Spend Analytics Solution understand that there are three hub areas of spend analytics, the visibility, analysis and process, by leveraging all these three mentioned above, companies can generate answers to the critical questions affecting their spending.


Some widely distributed organization wanted to control aggregate purchasing power and create world-class procurement organization but had a small insight into spending details, that is why Tutelam Spend Analytics has created an automated purchasing data spending analysis system that review long-term procurement contracts in the light of the proposed sourcing strategy, to support strategic sourcing and purchasing compliance activities. Value achieved best practices in spending analysis leveraging, the spend analysis solution. Tutelam has been collecting domain expertise in procurement, supply chain & logistics for more than 60 years and has been able to aggregate spend, consolidate vendors and bargain savings from 5% to 45% in a number of categories, saving millions of dollars to date.

Tutelam will help you facilitate your spend analytics, by following the strategic sourcing or tactical eProcurement, the use of spending analysis tool will provide visibility into your spending to support p-card roll-out and preferred supplier programs. We empower our customer to have visibility and control into their spending, we surely help you to ensure that suppliers are meeting agreed upon terms and nonconformist spending is reduced or eliminated. Tutelam SA tool provides an inclusive software application for extracting, validating, cleansing, enriching, classifying, and analyzing spend information to force the identification of savings opportunities and the tracking of purchasing compliance exception.


Our software services are there to establish efficient, repeatable data cleansing and classification capabilities.


We also explore our advanced reporting and decision support tools to support our clients to make advance report and decision of their spending analysis, the better management of spending, leverage total buying power, and recognize sourcing opportunities for optimal supplier relationships through spending analysis.


The little ability of some companies to collect and analyze data across their divisions have hindered effectiveness of centralized procurement initiative.