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This is the Pain Area for every Procurement function. 

Ideally Outsourced!


What is 80 / 20 Rule?

Tail Spend Management (Indirect Spend)

80% needs supplied by 20% of the Suppliers

20% needs supplied by 80% of the Suppliers

Pressures on Financial numbers are leading putting Organizations into tremendous stress hence, CEOs / CFOs / CPOs are trying to drive the best procurement practices and methodologies to ensure the margin of the business is sustained. This results in skilled resources are required to specialize on Direct Spend often leaving the Tail spend or Indirect categories in lurch. 


Tutelam supports Organizations taking over the procurement lifecycle outsourcing for tangible benefits such as cost savings and efficiency gains, and intangible benefits like access to category expertise and skills transfer, all of which deliver fast benefits realization. Our phased approach in transitioning the Procurement Outsource gives Organizations a great comfort as we do not try to give any false commitment that the cost savings will come right from the first month. 


Our job starts right from deploying resources onsite first to cleanse the existing data to categorizing the SKUs, studying the pattern of PRs, working closely with stakeholders, optimizing the vendor base, negotiation, contracting, PO management, delivery follow up, AP management, performance monitoring.

Longer the Tail Larger the Pain

Managing Larger Supplier base is non-core and eating away lots of Executive time and cost

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